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I've been to New York City twice now, once in the summer and again in the winter, and I must say, NYC is so much prettier in the winter. Something about the city is absolutely magical during the winter. NYC is one of my favorite cities for many reasons; the hustle and bustle, the food, the amount of different cultures, and how late everything stays open (aka late night shopping. #winning).

Flight + Stay

We booked our flight and our stay through Southwest Airlines and flew out of New Orleans. Pretty cool side note: we got to fly out of the new airport whenever it had only been opened for two days. We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel, which is only about a block and a half away from 5th Avenue (RIP bank account). When you walk into the Roosevelt, it's like stepping into a luxurious time capsule. This place is gorgeous *insert all the heart eyes*

Geaux Tigers!

The first time that I visited the city, we crammed as much "touristy" things as we could in one week. This time around, we went with absolutely no plans and did more "local" things. There were so many things that I loved and enjoyed about my recent trip, but I think the highlight of it was being there for the LSU/Bama game #geauxtigers. We knew that we would be there that weekend and being from the south.. we were not missing that game. I ended up coming across an all LSU bar that is located right across the street from the Empire State Building called Legends NYC. I have been to several LSU home games and tailgates and I honestly do not think anything will ever top this experience; and I'm not only saying this because LSU won. The atmosphere of this place is seriously like no other. It's freaking incredible. The owner is a LSU alumn and his friend, who is in charge of the sound, use to be in the band. During games, he plays everything exactly how the band plays it for each play. We made friends with the owner and his crew and had the time of our lives. We almost forgot that we were in NYC.

Places to go

When it comes to attractions, I am going to combine my favorites from both trips.

1. The empire state building, obviously... but go AT NIGHT. It's so pretty during the day, but even better at night. The city literally comes alive at night.

2. Central Park (absolutely gorgeous during the fall/winter)

3. 66 Perry Street (all my Sex and The City Fans say heyyyyyy)

4. Observatory Deck at Rockerfeller Center, called Top of the Rock.

5. SoHo and Little Italy

6. 911 Memorial

7. Dinner Cruise in the Hudson with Bateaux New York (it's fantastic)

8. 5th Avenue shopping, saved the best for last!


1. The View Restaurant and Lounge, a revolving American bar & grill on the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis with Times Square views. You can either call and make reservations for the dinner side or seat at the buffet side. We did the buffet because ya girl is southern and loves to eat.

2. Juniors in Times Square. The breakfast here is incredible

3. Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer. They serve the best milkshakes, hands down. There was a huge line to get in but being it was only two of us, we were able to be seated faster.

4. Johns of Times Square, an old church that has been converted into a pizza place. They use coal fired brick-ovens to bake their pizzas and my goodness.. they are delish.

Photo taken at Black Tap


There were a few places that I wanted to go to but ran out of time. They were:

1. Beauty and Essex

2. St. Cloud Rooftop at The Knickerbocker Hotel

3. Rolf's German Restaurant

You MUST try a cart hot dog from Times Square. I usually hate the taste of a hot dog, but I actually crave theirs.

Word to the wise: if you are planning to eat dinner at a famous restaurant, definitely download the Open Table app.

If you're looking for a quick couples get away during the winter, NYC is definitely my number one pick so far. The city just comes alive and is so romantic when you're soaking it all in with your person.

If you have any more questions about the trip, i'd love to chat! Just drop a comment below or email be at



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